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What To Expect

Here you will find the procedure we follow with our epoxy services from the initial appointment to the finished job.

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  • In the appointment we will determine what service you are looking to have epoxied and what options you elect to move forward with. 

  • We will provide you with samples & pictures of previous jobs and options .

  • Discuss possible epoxy designs & finishes that may interest you. 

  • If you choose to move forward during the consultation, we would require 50% down and the remaining 50% would be rendered upon completion.

  • Once we receive the down payment, a scheduled date of installation would be set. We would then create a sample for the design discussed during appointment. Now we are ready for the scheduled date of installation.



  • Depending on the surface material, there are a variety of procedures used to prepare the surface for epoxy.

  • Typically we will sand the initial surface (some surface materials may not need sanding) so that when we put down a bonding primer it will have good adhesion to the original surface. After the bonding primer dries we will lightly sand the surface for the next step.

  • Most surfaces we will apply a paint/primer that will be in a similar color pallet as your finished design. Once dried we will again complete a light sand so that the epoxy will bond properly to the surface.

  • (Kitchen/Vanity) If you choose to have your sink replaced or backsplashes matched to counter an additional charge will be applied.

  • Next step is taping off the counter/walls/trim/etc. and assuring that no epoxy will get on any cabinets, walls or anything else. This is done with the use of plastic & painters board.

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Epoxy Time!!

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  • Once the steps above are completed it's time to epoxy!! This is where our customer will accompany us in verbally assisting us in the design process. We will start on a smaller portion of the surface (if available) that way our customer will see the results of the epoxy effects in person.  Once customer assists us in the small portion of the surface and is satisfied, we will proceed with the larger remaining portion of the surface to completion.

  • Once epoxy is fully applied we will monitor the surface looking for any imperfections to correct. Once the epoxy stops moving we can then pull the plastic off either same day or the next. The single coat option has a high gloss finish and may have minor subtle imperfections. Roughly 50% of our customers go with the single coat option.

  • If you desire the 2nd coat option which gives the finished product a smoother finish and depth, it will be a 2-3 day process and addition to cost.


Epoxy Maintenance

  • Since epoxy is a non-porous product and waterproof, maintenance is simple. To clean your epoxy surface all you need is soap & water or Windex, with a quick wipe down it will look as good as new.

  • Do not use highly abrasive products such as bleach as it could potentially discolor epoxy. Do not use metal meterials on counter including use of bristle pads.

       Highly acidic fluids such as banana peppers left for extended time may stain epoxy. 

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