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Not looking for the traditional mundane flooring options? Lets get started on making your floors a piece of art.

Flooring is the heartbeat of your home, it's the most used & viewed part of your home and yet floor options & designs have rarely changed. We at Epoxy Home Remodel would like to be the driving force in changing from traditional style floors to a whole new era in floor design & customization. So instead of having to match your design to the floors, now you can create your epoxy floors to match Your Design.


Why is epoxy flooring a viable option for your floors? For a few reasons,  First, epoxy is waterproof & non-porous which means that it will not be affected by water & it'll be easy to clean as grime & gunk won't stick. Second, It's very durable once cured, making it a beautiful surface for a long time. Third, it is heat resistant so it can handle temperatures between 180-200 degrees. Fourth, epoxy gives you the freedom to choose any design you would like. Fifth, epoxy self levels so it will leave your floors nice & smooth.


Epoxy Home Remodel uses the highest quality epoxy for our flooring jobs. Our epoxy floors provide high UV resistance, high durability, and leveling to ensure a strong & durable product that you can trust.


Once we set an appointment, we will work together in choosing an epoxy design for your floor. Settling on a design is typically done by either reviewing our past jobs or a design you have seen.  Once we have your epoxy floor design in mind and your ready to move forward, we will need 50% down payment. Once down payment has been made we will create the sample design and schedule the installation date. Once the sample design is accepted, we will arrive on the scheduled date.


On the installation day we will begin to prepare the floor for the epoxy application. Some variables such as existing floor material, floor condition, & moisture may cause and/or delay the number of  days to prep. Some surfaces may require various products & procedures to ensure proper epoxy adhesion to existing floor.


Once the flooring preparations are complete the epoxy application will begin. During this step we ask that you're present as we start the epoxy process for the purpose of deciding if you would like more metallic, color, change in design etc.

Once the epoxy is applied to your floor we will clean up and wait at least 48hrs to return. At this point we would install new trim if you elected this option.

Now you can enjoy your beautiful one of a kind epoxy floor for many years to come.

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