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Cancellation Policy

Broken Marble
Epoxy Home Remodel Requires 50% down, once customer agrees to our proposal. If after down payment has been received and customer chooses to cancel his/her contract with Epoxy Home Remodel, one of the following policies would apply.

Policy 1)
  • In the state of Michigan if the contract is provided at your place of residence you will have 3 business days to cancel. If you have not cancelled by the 3rd business day you have forfeited your right for a refund.

Policy 2)
  • If you elect after providing down payment to schedule an install date within three business days and then choose to cancel this will result in a forfeiture of your right for a refund. Your refund is forfeited for reasons as follows: epoxy samples have been created, supplies for the cancelled job have been purchased, and a loss of a scheduled work day has occurred.

For further information regarding Michigan Law in regards to cancellations (Michigan Attorney General)  click here.

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