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  • Is epoxy heat resistant?
    Yes! Our epoxy can handle temperatures between 180-200 degrees. This mean you will still have to use a heat pad when placing pans from oven or cook top on epoxy counter. Some epoxy contractors will claim that their epoxy can handle 400 or 500 degrees and this is simply not true. If you would like to proove this just ask the contractor for a sample that you can have and then put a hot pan on it.
  • How durable is epoxy?
    Epoxy is a durable product and has been around for a long time. Once fully cured epoxy is not easy to scratch but if a scrath occurs it is typically hard to see. We have yet to have any customer complain about scratches or the durabilty of our epoxy surfaces. The good news is that epoxy can be re-finished if needed after many years of use.
  • How long will epoxy last?
    Epoxy should last the life of you in your home. Epoxy has been around for 75 years and once applied it lasts.
  • What is the cure time for epoxy?
    A) 24hrs to the touch. B) Normal Use 48-72hrs. C) Full Cure 1 month
  • If I decide to hire you how long will it take?
    Applies to Kitchen Counter, Vanity, Kitchen or Bathroom Floor: A) 1 coat option typically 1 day or possibly a second day. B 1 Epoxy coat in Matte/Semi gloss finish with 1 epoxy coat, 2-3 days. C) 2nd coat option 3 days. D) 2 coat option in Matte/Semi Gloss finish 3-4 days. Bathroom Shower/Bath Epoxy Installations: 3 to 5 daysdepending on options. Applies to Basement & Garages: Between 2-4 days depending on integrity of surfaces to be completed.
  • Can you change sink with new sink with plumbing hooked up?
    Yes, we can remove & replace your sink and hook up he plumbing for an aditional fee.
  • Is epoxy harmful to breath?
    There are 2 main types of epoxy: 1) Tabletop epoxy, which is a non-toxic product with no VOC's and is food safe. 2) Casting epoxy which is what people use for jewelry, and cups etc. This type of epoxy depending on the supplier can be harmful to breath.
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