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It's time for you to create that magical epoxy design to match your kitchen décor.

If you are tired of your old kitchen countertop surface then your not alone. Most of our customers want new counters but don't want to tear up their kitchen to achieve it. Fortunately, we have the solution.


We specialize in producing high quality epoxy kitchen countertops with your design in mind at a fraction of the cost in comparison to remodeling your kitchen. The epoxy we use is one of the best epoxies available today in multiple categories such as UV resistance, leveling aspects, and durability. Leaving you with the best epoxy kitchen countertop money can buy. 


During our initial appointment you will need to pick your epoxy design from either one of our previous jobs or an epoxy design you have in mind. After down payment is made we will create a sample design for you to confirm. Once confirmed we will arrive on the scheduled date of installation.


The day of epoxy we will arrive early and start to prepare your surface for epoxy and also to protect floors and walls. Depending on the surface you currently have we may have unique prepping procedures to ensure proper bonding.


Once the kitchen counter is prepped we will begin the epoxy process. While your present we will validate the epoxy design during application. During this step you will elect if you want more or less color, metallic, design etc.

Once the epoxy is applied we will clean any drips and remove plastic and tape to complete the job. 


Now you have your new epoxy kitchen counter to enjoy for many years to come.

Start Your Epoxy Countertop Quote In Under 60 Seconds >>>

Epoxy Winter Kitchen Counter
Epoxy Kitchen Top with Gold & Grey
High Gloss Kitchen Epoxy Countertop
Nutmeg, Black & Grey Epoxy Kitchen Counter
Concrete Style Epoxy Kitchen Countertop
Epoxy Sahara Kitchen Countertop
Epoxy Large Marble Vein Design
Morning Dove Epoxy Kitchen Countertop
Dove Grey Epoxy Kitchen Counter
Epoxy Over Granite
Epoxy Semi-gloss Grey Marble Kitchen Counter
High Gloss Epoxy Kitchen Countertop
Matte Finish Epoxy Hard Line Epoxy Kitchen Counter
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