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Looking to make your bathroom a modern, one of a kind, artistic masterpiece? We thought so. Lets get started!!

As they say, remodeling your kitchen & bathroom will increase the value of your home more than anything else, but prices on both of these renovations has sky rocketed. Currently the average cost to only replace your shower starts at 10-12k and you will still have the same shower style as many others. The point here is why settle, when you could design your own look, your own feel, with your new beautiful epoxy bathroom. 


Why is epoxy a great option for your shower or tub?

A) Epoxy is waterproof, which obviously is what you need in a wet environment.

B) Epoxy is highly durable, making it a beautiful shower surface for many years.

C) Epoxy is incredibly easy to clean because it is non-porous which means that nothing will stick to it such as grime, mildew, etc. Another pro with a non-porous surface, is that it won't oxidize that would result in color changes to your shower over time.

D) Epoxy gives you the freedom to choose any design you like.

E) Epoxy self levels so when we install your shower walls they will be nice & smooth.


During our consultation, we'll work in achieving an epoxy design for your shower walls. Picking a design is typically done by either reviewing our past jobs or designs you have seen. Once you've chosen the epoxy bath design and are ready to move forward, we will then require down payment. Once payment has been made we will create the chosen sample design and schedule the start date. Once the sample design is accepted, we will arrive on the scheduled start date.


When we arrive, we will begin to remove any existing walls, tub/pan, shelfs, shower doors, etc. Some variables such as tile removal, green board replacement, rotted floor, plumbing issues, etc., may add additional days for preparation.

Once everything is removed we will install the new tub or shower pan along with creating a wall template to use for the construction of the epoxy shower walls. Building of the shower walls including the epoxy application is done off site. (RedGard is applied to the backside of all shower walls & on green board for waterproofing)

Once the walls have been epoxied & cured we will begin to install the shower walls. Once the walls are installed & plumbing is hooked up, we will silicone the inside corners of your epoxy shower walls.

Components such as shower door, shelfs, etc., if elected would be installed at this phase. Once finished we will clean up and introduce you to your new epoxy shower.

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