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Make your bathroom vanity a breathtaking experience for your friends & family.

Tired of your bathroom looking old, dark, and outdated and your ready to brighten it up?

Then you have come to the right place, we are highly experienced epoxy professionals capable of not only resurfacing your vanity with epoxy, but all the plumbing as well. Want matching backsplashes? New Sink? No problem, we take care of this as well.


We use only the highest quality epoxy for our bathroom vanities, which provides high UV resistance, self leveling aspects, and durability to ensure a strong & durable product.


During consultation you will need to choose an epoxy design from one of our past jobs or a design you have seen. After we receive 50% down payment we will create a sample design for you to confirm. Once the sample design is confirmed, we will then arrive on the scheduled date of installation.


When we arrive on the scheduled date we will begin to prep the vanity for epoxy. Some surfaces may require different techniques to ensure that the epoxy properly bonds to your bath vanity.


Once the bathroom vanity preparations are finished, the epoxy process will begin. We will ask that you are present as we start the epoxy design on your bathroom counter. During this step you will decide if you would like more or less color, metallic, design etc.

Once the epoxy is applied over your bathroom vanity we will clean any drips and remove tape & plastic to finish the job. 


Now you have your new epoxy bathroom vanity to enjoy for years to come.

Start Your Epoxy Vanity Quote In Under 60 Seconds >>>

Dainty Marble Bath Vanity
Winter Storm Epoxy Bathroom Vanity
Angelic Epoxy Vanity Top
Heavy Marble Epoxy Vanity Top.
Duck Lake Epoxy Vanity
Winter Breeze Epoxy Vanity Counter
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